Children learn from anything and everything.
They learn wherever they are, not just in special learning places.
John C. Holt
There isn't a right way to become educated.
There are as many ways as there are fingerprints.
John Taylor Gatto
By depriving children of freedom, we deprive them of the opportunities they need to learn how to take control of their own behavior and emotions.
Peter Gray
The question is not how much does the youth know, when he has finished his education, but how much does he care?
Charlotte Mason

“Looking back, I would break the conformity shell much faster. I would have more confidence in children, more patience overall, and I would not be afraid.”

Adriana Vasile Brăescu
Founder of Re-Design NGO and CEREHARD


We are a sum of EOTAS (Education Otherwise Than At School) resources, built together with the community of parents.

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Our story

The most important thing is to look back at yourself when you were a child. How and what exactly would you have liked to learn? What would you change if you could back them? This is what I did.

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How we work

We start with "deschooling".... to let go of fears, insecurities, mental schemas and other masks picked up in the traditional school.

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The Parents' Guide

Find the right solution for your children and look into the future with confidence.

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You are not alone in this endeavour.

We wish to rebuild the relationships among the people within our community, and we start with us, the parents.

CEREHARD conversations take place in a private space, where adults share their own experiences with this educational alternative, and children have the opportunity to interact with other children their age, or with similar concerns.
The experience of seasoned Cerehard parents constitutes real support and valuable help for those at the beginning of the road, and not only for them.



From our community

I would have liked to know that leaving the traditional system is followed by a detox period,
a time for children to steady themselves and to recover.

My message to an undecided parent is what I tell myself when in doubt.
Ramona, Cerehard parent

Trust the child and yourselves as parents. A parent knows what the needs of his child are. I know that for any parent, the state of relaxation does not last long. Sometimes, I make the mistake of checking what a child of a certain age should know. I fall into the trap of comparisons. But each of these times, I find support in children themselves and in the meetings with other Cerehard parents. Ultimately, both my husband and I are satisfied with the decision we made.

I would recommend CEREHARD instead of an umbrella school because it allows you to give your child the freedom to reach his/her potential, go with his/her own feeling, and multiply his/her inner strengths.

Our education system is just “unattainable”.
Liviu Mihaiu, journalist

I will use only the homeschooling from CEREHARD, even if my child risks not learning Mihai Eminescu by heart, as someone suggested to me.

I don’t push for high school grades, and I don’t expect my child to be a prize winner.

A unique experience for a child who did not dare to dream of freedom when talking about school.
Miruna, Cerehard child

Freedom was something I really cared about. For a long time, it was the main reason to do anything. Schooling at home helped me become more self-taught and learn how to manage my time.
It brought me closer to my family and offered me many opportunities for development and education.

We live in a society where "must" lists are everywhere. The one and only must is love.
Virginia, Cerehard parent

When choosing a different education for your child, it is good to brace yourself for insecurity, for people around you expressing their disapproval, for anxiety and worry about the future. However, all this begins to fade in the first weeks of education other than at school.

For us, CEREHARD means life hygiene, better use of time, balance and peace of mind.

For me, it is a bubble of normalcy. For children, FREEDOM is the right word.
Ligia, Cerehard parent

The fact that WE HAVE time is the biggest gain. The children wake up in the morning calm and rested. They have time to play, try things from which they might choose their way in life, and open doors to new areas.

I would tell an undecided parent that there will surely be more sleepless nights before reaching the calm and understanding that he has not lost anything coming out of the herd of public school. He even gains a lot. The parent needs only to keep a healthy balance. 

For both my children and me, being in CEREHARD means a settling of things.
Monica, Cerehard parent

Here we have the chance to rediscover the essence of education, to discover the child next to us and look for the most suitable options for his own good. I think the most important thing is to see what the child can do in the present moment, combine hands-on and theory, and give him/her opportunities to discover the world around him, instead of “dictating” or teaching him/her stuff.

As scary as it may be at first, the fact that CEREHARD does not use a boxed curriculum and the enrolment does not come with textbooks, tests, etc., becomes extremely precious when we understand that the alternative is given precisely by this freedom.

I still can hear the words from the voice on the phone: let the children play, give them two months..
Beatrice, Cerehard parent

After the first two months of unschooling, the fears arose: what if my child does not keep up; what if he wastes time instead of learning something; what if… It has been a continuous struggle with our familiar “traditions”.

I have learned to be patient. We rejoice, observe, read, and educate each other, and I trust my instinct that I am on the right path. In the CEREHARD community, I discovered another world: the parents share their ideas, learning sources, and, finally, I do not have to fight with a different mentality. We are on the same page, and we want the best for our children.

The playground for parents

A different kind of education for us too

What we do is debunking myths in education and re-generate ourselves in deep connection with our kids.