There is no difference between living and learning.
It is impossible and misleading and harmful to think of them as being separate.
John C. Holt

Each child is genetically wired to be curious from the very first day.

The etymology of “school” is from the Latin schola or the Greek skhole – “intermission of work, leisure for learning, learned conversation, debate, meeting place for teachers and students, place of instruction”.
That is what we offer at CEREHARD – the acronym, in Romanian, of Re-Design NGO Resource Centre for Holistic Education. 

CEREHARD is a British Curriculum School EOTAS type (Education otherwise than at standard school), an educational paradigm shift based on neuroscience research. Children learn through multidisciplinary and cross-curricular projects, which include activities for all ages.

There is no humanities versus science, no science versus arts dualism. We promote holism – the approach of the whole complex system – the uni or multiverse of each 10 to any number you can perceive. When needed, you can turn to facilitators and mentors. We support you in the learning process chosen by each family, through personalised resources and guidance.

We offer a legal framework in which children carry out a “slow learning” with major and beneficial repercussions for the rest of their lives.

A different kind of school

In 2017, CEREHARD was one of the 24 “groundbreaking schools around the globe” according to a jury made of Ken Robinson, Sugata Mitra, Peter Gray și Yaacov Hecht, international experts and pioneers of diferent types of learning and education.

The attached lessons are examples of holistic education and were presented in the project. The idea of connecting cognitive neuroscience and teacher education is not new, but a forgotten one.

Cooking with science

Cooking is a great opportunity to learn…. not only patience, and great recipes, but math, chemistry, physics, biology (Science, I mean) blended with a pinch of Humanities – like how to put the best words in the right place in a sentence…

Unschooling for freedom

This is not a lesson from the classical point of view…. it could be a lesson for some teachers, instead. This is a short “movie” made by an unschooled kid, about its fears and (great) expectations.

It is about how could a kid evolve if ‘left alone” – actually, about how proper nurturing feeds the best in a child.

Re-design concept part 1

The idea of connecting cognitive neuroscience and teacher education is not new, but a forgotten one – the idea of “neuroeducators” was proposed in the 80’s, when the study of brain / behaviour was considered a way to enhance the pedagogical practice.

Re-design concept part 2

DigiMathArt an experience that involves many regions of the brain – both from right and left hemispheres – a method that captivates and engages in further approach by its unique concept – using Math to create Art forms through Programming.

Kids are thrilled to create, and crave to learn more in order to generate new forms and colours – fractals are the most complex.

Our conviction

Holistic education helps children know and understand themselves, both emotionally and rationally, both as part of a whole (universe) and as a universe of the particles that make them up.


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Holism is a mental attitude, and holistic education is done through interdisciplinary projects.

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