EOTAS in Romania

Alternative Education Resource Organization (AERO) conferences have been the world’s premier alternative education conference for many years. It is the top gathering place for anyone interested in learner – directed, learner – centred alternatives.

The Pandemic Has Changed Education: What Will We Do Now?” was the central theme of this year’s edition, a multigenerational event held at the end of June.

The focus was on actions that participants can take to further learner -directed, learner – centred education all over the world. The conference featured youth-led sessions, prominent keynote speakers (Peter Gray, Kate Robinson, Dayna Martin and Ulcaa Jansen), mini-talks, workshops, networking, pop-up sessions, sponsor tabling sessions, and youth collaboration time.

At the 2021 edition, we held a workshop on “The neuroscience of heutagogy” – the next step in the science of education, self-directed learning on its own pace and terms.

This year, we participated with a workshop in which Adriana Vasile (Brăescu) – Founder of Re-Design Association and CEREHARD – and Miruna & Radu Brăescu shared the experience of a different educational path, from a triple perspective, in a society marked rather by suspicion and prejudice towards any kind of education pursued outside the standard system.

Education Otherwise Than At Standard School (EOTAS) in Romania” is a conversation structured in four parts:

Part 1 – The family’s experience with the standard system, the need to find an alternative form of education, and the beginnings of what had since became CEREHARD. 

Parts 2 & 3 – Questions, fears, searches and unique perspectives – mother and children – relative to this educational journey.

Part 4 – Am I doing the right thing? – sharing experiences with other conference participants.


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