Learning is the new skill. Imagination, creation and asking new questions are at its core.
Sugata Mitra

Education as a project.

We start with “de-schooling”, meaning the release of fears, insecurities, mental schemas and masks learned in school.

We do this through play and interaction, we encourage trial and error, and we wait, patiently, for the moment of “opening” for each child. We are there when needed or, on the contrary, we give the necessary personal space to each one. It is difficult to include such a thing in the “courses” category.

With “healing” we approach various topics that later can be useful, whether or not the educational path includes exams. In CEREHARD one configures one’s own educational path, and learning is done naturally, according to the child’s biorhythm, depending on his/her passions and curiosities, based on the project.

Each project includes as many activities as possible, as interdisciplinary as possible.
We use educational platforms, and the activities take place in CEREHARD centres or other learning centres, online and offline, with daily or occasional frequency, homeschooling and unschooling.


Educational alternative, with landmarks in the British curriculum

CEREHARD was accredited as a British curriculum school in 2020, after passing an inspection by Penta International. Penta has been a UK inspection and acreditation agency for the last 25 years, working in British (and other) schools all over the world, including Eastern Europe, the Middle East, South East Asia and South America. Penta is a constant partner and accompanies us in various ways (visits, formal or non-formal evaluations) and whenever we need their support.

Starting from 2020, we are also one of the ten founding members of the International Council Education Otherwise Than At School – ICEOTAS, aiming to promote and support efforts to recognise educational alternatives internationally, and Adriana Brăescu is member of The Advisory Panel.

Our conviction

Involve children in all family projects: from daily chores to basic decisions. This way they develop responsibility and critical thinking.


Personalised education

Mentors and facilitators dealing with children, areas of activity and learning centres.


Orientation course

The British education system operates according to age levels, detailed by disciplines and stages of development (key stages).

British curriculum

Educational platforms

In support of the British curriculum, there are several educational platforms.

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Evaluation criteria

Cerehard children enjoy the same rights as any student or graduate of a British international school.

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The playground for parents

A different kind of education for us too

We demolish myths and rebuild ourselves together with our children.