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Is homeschooling a real alternative to classical school education in Romania?
What homeschooling is, and how is it regulated in Romania?

On Europa FM frequencies, Adriana Brăescu talked with Mona Nicolici about different kinds of education.

The vacation is over, and the summer is over, and so is the first week of school. As expected, this week, the main topics of discussion were the education during the pandemic and the problems faced by students, parents and teachers. Just days after the schools opened, more and more schools have switched to the red script, with online classes. At the same time, online schooling remains an eternal challenge for education in Romania.

On the “Piața Victoriei” (Victoriei Square) show, Mona Nicolici discussed these topics with Adriana Brăescu – a biologist specialised in neurobiology, the creator of the Re-Design project and the CEREHARD school, which promotes homeschooling and alternatives to classical education. Daniela Vișoianu, an expert in education and adviser to the Minister of Education, joined the discussion.

Watch the entire show below, in Romanian.


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