Saturday confession

It’s already Sunday, but I’ll still write a “Saturday confession”.

On Sunday, April 1, we have a meeting at Bucurania, a nice centre where Sonia Vasilescu creates a piece of heaven for small children. A few more meetings are scheduled for next week. Some people don’t even believe in our existence and feel the need to “touch” us.

Yes, we exist, as a free school where children can explore at will, without fear of “spoiling things” or “wrongly behaving”.
It is a school where you come to when you need it, choosing the man or the team you need.

This Saturday confession is about doubt. It is about finding out that, no matter how good of an idea, the reaction of society is one of “apprehension”. It is about the fact that, after years of torment, hard work, costs and sacrifices, the doubt remains. (In psychology, this is the story of the stranger who enters the city). It is about the automatic thoughts telling us that what has long been accepted by many generations before must be good.

For the next meetings, I was advised to bring “documents” attesting that our school is going through an accreditation process. Sure, no problem, I can bring in any “documents” one wishes, but I wonder if those who ask for this have ever considered asking the “state” or the “private schools” to present “documents” that certify their existence.

If we, as a society, would ask the institutions (the state) for those “acts” that certify that they can fulfil the tasks for which they are paid and guarantee the physical and mental safety of the children they care for… I think we would have huge surprises, from fire safety to the assessment of educators caring for our children.

Doesn’t seem strange that, after 12 years of school (soon, 15), most people have to take courses in “personal development”, “awareness”, “healing”, and so on? Isn’t it strange that there is this need to repair the damage, most of the time, irreversible, created by a collapsing system?

Most parents complain about the system but can’t break out of it. Many of them prefer to place a child on the coordinates of “something” they think they know because they had followed that “path” (the path of lies, cognitive dissonance, and “bipolarism”). The apotheotic end is a double-standard life, shallowness, acceptance of the “necessary evil” (in other words, “bad with evil, but worse without evil”).

Everything is stored in the genetic and epigenetic codes. The neural networks that guide us are built on models configured in the brains of our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents. The maltreatment of one’s ancestors can be traced on the connectomic maps of the grandchildren’s brains. The “tradition” becomes a religion, out of the need for security, “constant”, and familiarness.

Nothing is more comforting than the idea of the “safety of tomorrow’s day”, although this security does not exist.

All sorts of “methods of healing the body/soul/mind” have proliferated. They are built on fear, ignorance, and insecurity, traits acquired during school years in an institution that should have taught us to know ourselves.

Have you ever wondered where the child’s “whys” disappear?
After the age of 11 or 12, they fade and then are heard no longer. That is not because the little questioners have already received answers, but because their questions flew empty, hitting the walls of indifference, dualism, and perfunctoriness. The walls of ignorance.

The other day, a philosopher pointed out an interesting phenomenon: many publishing houses focus on “translating” the masterpieces of universal literature in a language “of childhood”.

That is a useless or even damaging undertaking. The child understands nothing of those stories that can only be understood by people who have gone through the “initiation” described by those literary works. Furthermore, because of this lack of understanding, the child also forms an aversion to those experiences.

Will we be able to give children back their childhood? Have you ever noticed that no children sing anymore?
I’m not referring to sex-infused lip-synched twaddling, but the chants essential for normal and balanced brain development.


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